Our Qualifications

We have been working with local individuals and businesses for several years in various capacities. Over 25 years of commercial business insurance experience, our team is uniquely qualified to recommend and licensed to sell a range of insurance products. Each associate is carefully selected based on personal and professional experience.

We know that insurance can be complicated. But we also know our business. Our years of experience allow us to provide clear, easily understood explanations of insurance products and services, to help you make the best decision.

We know underwriting and we know the products.  Now, that's a winning combination to navigate the insurance marketplace to design just the right programs.

Our owner, Lorenza Cooper, has a proven track record working with small and large businesses alike through his extensive business insurance career.  His experience from a business insurance underwriter to management branch VP and regiaonal VP of underwriting affords him an opportunity to provide clients the depth of his knowledge to protect your most valuable asset.